Hello I am Ulas Akarsu,

I design and develop

websites, webapps

and code stuff.

Front-End HTML CSS JavaScript React

Back-End Python Flask MySql SqlAlchemy

DevOps Linux Ubuntu cPanel DigitalOcean

Web Projects

007 React Demo Webpage

Developed with React and connected to Flask backend then deployed to Linux server. Animations and dynamic functionalities are coded with JavaScript and Chart.js.

006 Ethnographic Gallery

Static bilingual website developed from scratch with HTML, CSS and animated with JavaScript for the Ethnographic Gallery of Tahtakuşlar.

005 Magic Laila Cooking

Dynamic website, Content Management System, CRUD, Admin Login and Interface, search in data base, Filtering Results, data base Sqlite SqlAlchemy

004 Video Artist Portfolio

This is a video artist portfolio website. It is featuring video and photography works. A user friendly drop-down menu allows an easy navigation. The project did not require any backend.

003 This very page

It is my portfolio page. Runs on Python Flask and has a mysql backend for the likeing app embedded at the end of the page. It has a few lines of JavaScript for the navbar animation.

002 Shiatsu Practitioner

Started with plain HTML and CSS, switched to React then started all over again with Next.js and restrated to finalize it with plain HTML and CSS with some JavaScript.

001 Personal WebSite

This one uses a server-side SMTP via Flask. The client-side features such as link styling algorithms, hiding and showing the vertical scroll arrow are coded with JavaScript.

Coding Stuff

French Quiz

A quiz consisting of questions related to the content studied in levels 201 and 202. The process requires the correct answer to the question. In case of a wrong answer, the same question remains displayed. The questions are displayed according to the level of the student connecting to it.

Connexion - Entrainement niveaux 201 et 202

Connecte-toi avec ton nom et mot de passe

Nom d'utilisateur

Mot de passe

Quiz attempted 1080 times

USA Countdown Clock

Data related to events is collected from the sources listed at the bottom of the widget. First, the annual increase rate of these events has been calculated and then converted to a per-second increase rate.

To embed the widget, copy the code below and paste it into the HTML page where you want it to appear.
Adjust the 'vh' value to fit your page's design.
USA Countdown Clock
World on Mute?
Turn it ON!

US military interventions since 1941


next intervention in

17 days, 4:36:57

Fentanyl deaths since 2014

next overdose in

Paycheck to paycheck Americans


next US citizen in


American Dream skeptics in the US


next US citizen in


Firearm violence since 2014


next violent event in


Lower-income US citizens


next US citizen in


US obesity 2023

Total loops: 126964687

next US citizen in


US Military Expenses since 2000


next 19$ expenses in


Us citizens Credit Card debt 2023


next 640$ expenses in


Health cost per capita 2023


next 1$ increase in


Mass shootings since 2014


next mass shooting in


Suicides since 2000


next suicide in


The statistics and countdowns shown here are approximative forecasts derived from calculations based on collected data. Striving for accuracy, it's essential to note that these forecasts might contain inaccuracies or slight variations due to the dynamic nature of the data involved. The primary goal is to provide users with a snapshot of general trends related to the values being tracked. The countdowns are designed to give an estimate of when an event or milestone might occur based on the available information. However, users should consider these predictions as informed estimates rather than precise guarantees.
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention; Business Insider; Center for Disease Control and Prevention; Congressional Research Service; Economic Research FRED ST. Louis FED; Emmanuel Saez / Gabriel Zuchman "Wealth Inequality in the United States Since 1913"; Gun Violence Archive; Mother Jones; Mass Shooting Tracker Site; National Allicance to End Homelessness; National Institutes of Health; National Institute on Drug Abuse; NSC Injury Facts; Pew Research Center; Statista; USA Facts; United States Census Bureau; USA Facts; YouGov US.
Audio Credits
Manu Chao / Rainin In Paradise

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